No company but Toter offers a 12-YEAR WARRANTY on our carts.

Which means our carts are more durable, more sustainable and much more economical.

So purchase Toter. You'll have at least 12 years to see for yourself.

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Finance Savings Calculator

Purchasing Toter carts can provide significant savings.

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Municipalities purchase directly from Toter using our competitively bid and awarded NIPA contract. Contact us today for more information.

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NOTE: Cost savings will vary depending on actual finance rate, finance term, and sales tax. Note that municipalities may be exempt from sales tax, resulting in additional savings. For illustration purposes, sales tax was calculated based on a national average of 6.39% for haulers, and 0% for municipalities.

Sustainability Calculator

Toter carts offer significant raw material savings versus injection molded carts while still meeting the industry's maximum load rating and providing a longer service life.

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Enter the number of carts to calculate your potential sustainability savings (based on 96 gallon carts):